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I had the honor of attending Marcella Raimondo’s workshop during the Self Defense Instructors Conference in July of 2011.  Her presentation on eating disorders and  the relation to self defense brought new awareness to the people who teach self defense.  It gave insight and vision to aspects of self worth and protection that often get overlooked.  Her passion for her work shows in her deliverance of the material and I was completely moved by how engaged ALL of the participants were.  I feel that her workshop was, and is, a great gift.

Zoey Zotigh, Presenter, SDIC 2011

I “™ve known Marcella for close to ten years and appreciate her as a dedicated training partner at Hand to Hand as well as a hard-working educator in our community. I “™ve had the privilege to participate in Marcella “™s insightful presentations on body image and eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, which she has recently given at a national martial arts conference and local self-defense workshops for diverse groups of women and girls.

What impresses me about Marcella “™s work is not only that she is very knowledgeable, organized, disciplined, and playfully challenging stereotypes, but, most importantly (in my opinion), that she speaks courageously from her own experiences and struggles. Having this integrity, Marcella is a compassionate listener and sensitive to everyone “™s unique path. I respect her highly.

Marion Gerlind, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies
(and Co-Tester since Purple Belt)
Oakland, California


“Dr. Marcella Raimondo is an inspiring presenter.  I learned a lot that has already been clinically relevant with individuals currently in my caseload!  I really appreciate her frame and approach.
In particular, the frame around how to phrase questions to be more attuned while conducting a clinical interview was awesome! Dr. Raimondo was adept at contextualizing eating disorders
within the lens of intersectionality, debunked several myths about eating disorders and explored the various impacts of eating disorders in an effective way. I would very much recommend this trainer.”

The Pacific Center for Human Growth
Feedback from 2019 Clinical Internship Training
Berkeley, California


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