rumiHere is the space I would like to create for discussions and interactions on topics I bring up around various studies, articles and media events that focus on women of color and LGBT populations. I also welcome topics you would like to raise.

Because topics of eating disorders and body image are so sensitive and even more when we bring in diversity, it is so important to create a safe and respectful place for everybody to voice their thoughts. This includes having harmony with disagreements and providing comfort to each other when we get triggered. Thank you and I am looking forward to our discussions.

Expanding our Potential for Healing from Eating Disorders through Diversity of Perspectives and Lived Experiences

“A Hunger So Wide and So Deep, by Becky W. Thompson. To say that this book resonated with me doesn’t even capture what happened. It did more. Reading those stories, I felt seen, validated and soothed… and it was everything to me.”