Being awarded a belt from Professor Coleen Gragen

“I have observed Marcella Raimondo giving presentations on body image, self esteem and eating disorders in self-defense workshops in my classes at Mills College and at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center. She has compiled a wealth of important and relevant information and delivers it expertly to adult women as well as young adolescents. I admire the way she shuttles back and forth between data and research on the one hand and empathy and understanding on the other. Marcella presents a wealth of factual information while maintaining an emotional connection with the audience. I noticed that the girls and women felt seen by her and opened up to her and this helped them to assimilate and process the information she was presenting. “

Christine Schoefer, Ph.D.
Mills College Lecturer and Co-Director of the Self Defense Program at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center

“Dr. Marcella Raimondo is a social justice advocate whose contributions to the field of eating disorders are essential and exemplary. As both a co-speaker and a member of her audience in multiple settings, I am repeatedly awed by her capacity to enliven the topics she addresses with a humanity and conviction that leaves a lasting impact. Her sensitivity to inclusivity and intersectionality reminds us to be vigilant in owning our privileges, recognize how they inform our perspectives, and do our utmost to serve all those who suffer with ED through socially just research, prevention and treatment. “

Beth Hartman McGilley, PhD, FAED, CEDS
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Fellow, Academy for Eating Disorders, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, Clinical Associate Professor, UKSM-W (Volunteer) ” ”

“I liked your openness about your own experiences and your ability to connect with the audience. I loved how you added in breath intentionally, your PP was well organized and you had ample resources. People felt like they could really connect to the material, I think that is important in this work. “

Graduate School Training Coordinator for Campus Lectures

“I really liked your presentation. It actually brought me to tears . . . something I was not anticipating. I especially liked your discussion of the inadequacy of the DSM in accounting for the whole spectrum of “˜disordered eating.’ I thought the information regarding the study of Fiji and television was particularly compelling . . . a great, and tragic point. I will try and look back in my notes and see what else stood out . . . The emphasis on, and use of cross cultural lens is so needed in this field of inquiry! I thought the info. re: the teens of color who live in white neighborhoods (disproportionately higher rates of body dissatisfaction, etc) was interesting as well. In general, I am always interested in how class and ethnicity intersect, and class issues in general, so I suppose I would like to hear more about any research in this vein. Overall, a High impact presentation to be sure. thanks again. “

Student from a 2009 Training

“Marcella created a welcoming space. She treated us with respect and as knowledgeable peers. She shared so much information that was researched and very applicable. She has an amazing presence and is a very high level presenter. This is very important information and there is a huge gaping hole in our graduate school programs for trainings like hers. Her training should be a series since she covered so many topics. Her powerpoint was succinct, meaningful and she provided copies which I appreciated. She is just fabulous. “

Student from a 2009 Training

“Marcella has the unique ability to blend a clear, detailed, academic approach with warmth, compassion, and humor. Her workshops and presentations are dynamic, engaging, thoughtful, and informative. She creates a safe environment where participants feel comfortable to discuss and to ask questions about sensitive issues. She is an extraordinary presenter and facilitator and I cannot recommend her highly enough. “

Lara Mendel | Co-Founder/Executive Director, The Mosaic Project

“Dr. Raimondo highlights the resilience and strengths of the populations she is working with. She models humility, compassion and curiosity the skills providers need to have themselves. She helps her listener discover the connection between eating disorders, body image, media and cultural. Even though she presents to the trainees yearly, I come to her presentations myself and take away something new each time I hear her speak. I feel so grateful that she is doing this work. “

Mary Beth Reticker, LMFT, UCSF Alliance Health Project

“Marcella really knows her stuff. She is a fantastic presenter and has made herself available to provide training every year Queer LifeSpace’s training program has been in existence. Her breadth of knowledge about eating disorders is vast and her ability to incorporate cultural considerations into her presentation make them more comprehensive and thought-provoking for participants. It is evident that she really connects to the clients she works with in a very genuine and compassionate way. We look forward to seeing her next training year and in training years to come. Thanks again Marcella! “

Chris Holleran, MFT, Director of Operations ““ Queer LifeSpace

“Marcella facilitated a training for our clinical staff entitled, “˜Connections Between Our Bodies, Assault and Eating Disorders ““ Strategies for Clinicians.’ Previously, some of our male-identified clinicians struggled with discussing body image issues with their female-bodied clients. Marcella’s training not only assisted them with language and tangible skills to process these subjects with clients but all of our clinicians gained a deeper understanding of the way societal inequities and covert messages from the media impact us and our clients. Marcella was professional and personable with my staff. She balanced providing clinical information with constructive dialogue. We would love to have her return for more trainings in the future! “

Suzanne Adams, PhD, Clinical Program Coordinator ““ A Women’s Place Drop in Center

“I attended a workshop and presentation by Dr. Marcella Raimondo on: Connections Between Our Bodies, Assault and Eating Disorders ““ Strategies for Self-Defense Teachers. The presentation was well organized, clearly presented and engaging. As a self defense instructor and a youth development professional, I have come across numerous students for whom a sense of personal safety is greatly impacted by trauma and lingering effects of past experience with an eating disorder. Dr. Raimondo offered a down to earth and practical understanding of the intersection between body issues and self defense. She offers a pathway to understanding and addressing a very sensitive topic area with compassion and sensitivity. Her presentation style is upbeat and informative, yet grounded in solid clinical experience and up to date research.I would highly recommend this workshop. “

Aminta Steinbach, Be the Change Consulting
Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center

“Marcella is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter. She is passionate about her work and makes the material accessible and helpful to any group who wants to understand or help individuals with eating disorders. “

Michael Barbee, PsyD, Training Director ““ Mission Mental Health

“Marcella has presented numerous times for our training program. We ask her to come back every year to do her training for a new group of interns. Her trainings are always phenomenal and thorough. The highlight is the multicultural issues incorporated into the trainings. She is very open and passionate in sharing her experiences and knowledge. Attendees love the training and always leave with a lot of great information. “

Jennifer Wu, PsyD., Alameda Family Services, Clinical Trainings Director

“Marcella’s workshop for self-defense instructors on Body Image Issues, Eating Disorders, and Empowerment at the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation conference exceeded expectations.The information she shared was extremely helpful in understanding how devaluing one’s body can block attempts at empowerment for self-protection. “

Joyce Mende Wong, NWMAF Certified Self-Defense Instructor
Self-Defense Leadership Committee Member, NWMAF

“Marcella is a powerful facilitator. She is not only a wealth of information, she uses metaphors and stories that help participants connect with the material. As a fierce advocate for social justice, fairness and equity, she weaves the impact of systems of oppression into everything that she does. I have been struck by both her directness and compassion, which she balances well a gift not many possess! “

Serian Strauss ““ Life Coach

I’ve known Marcella for close to ten years and appreciate her as a dedicated training partner at Hand to Hand as well as a hard-working educator in our community. I’ve had the privilege to participate in Marcella’s insightful presentations on body image and eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, which she has recently given at a national martial arts conference and local self-defense workshops for diverse groups of women and girls.

What impresses me about Marcella’s work is not only that she is very knowledgeable, organized, disciplined, and playfully challenging stereotypes, but, most importantly (in my opinion), that she speaks courageously from her own experiences and struggles. Having this integrity, Marcella is a compassionate listener and sensitive to everyone’s unique path. I respect her highly.

Marion Gerlind, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies (and Co-Tester since Purple Belt), Oakland, California

I had the honor of attending Marcella Raimondo’s workshop during the Self Defense Instructors Conference in July of 2011.Her presentation on eating disorders andthe relation to self defense brought new awareness to the people who teach self defense.It gave insight and vision to aspects of self worth and protection that often get overlooked.Her passion for her work shows in her deliverance of the material and I was completely moved by how engaged ALL of the participants were.I feel that her workshop was, and is, a great gift.

Dr. Zo Zotigh, DACM

Marcella gave a zoom presentation to my counselling team in Vancouver Canada. Her presentation was informative, interesting, and helped us to connect many important aspects of identities, social justice and disordered eating to our counselling practice. We walked away with alot of valuable information, and were excited to discuss it at our next team meeting. I would invite Marcella back, and would also consult with her in the future.

Meera Dhebar, PhD Candidate (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), RSW
Clinical Supervisor, Counseling Program, Department of Education Administration ”

“Dr. Marcella Raimondo is an inspiring presenter.  I learned a lot that has already been clinically relevant with individuals currently in my caseload!  I really appreciate her frame and approach.
In particular, the frame around how to phrase questions to be more attuned while conducting a clinical interview was awesome! Dr. Raimondo was adept at contextualizing eating disorders within the lens of intersectionality, debunked several myths about eating disorders and explored the various impacts of eating disorders in an effective way. I would very much recommend this trainer.”

The Pacific Center for Human Growth
Feedback from 2019 Clinical Internship Training
Berkeley, California