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Fedup Training Completed 2021

Interactive training is available for professionals and based on the latest research around eating disorders and body image in diverse and underserved communities. Cultural and psychosocial dynamics are explored, with a focus on racism and various forms of oppression. Training also includes current treatment models and vignettes for participant participation through a social justice lens. Participants “™ experiences and viewpoints are combined with strategies to advocate for social justice research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Trainings are designed to be:

  • Welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and brave
  • Addressing white supremacy in the field and working to undo it “™s grip
  • Action-oriented, reflective, and inspiring
  • Up-to-date and fresh
  • Convenient, with maximum flexibility
  • Thoughtful and engaging
Training Objectives

To identify and explore the increasing incidence of eating disorders and body image issues in diverse and underserved communities. We will discuss the cultural and psychosocial dynamics that contribute to this alarming reality and will:

  • Bring in cultural humility as an anchor while we learn about intersectionality and its impact on eating disorders and body image issues
  • Analyze how issues of oppression, trauma and other social injustices impact eating disorders and body image for diverse communities
  • Identify treatment options using case examples
  • Propose strategies to augment research, diagnosis and treatment for diverse communities with eating disorders

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Training and speaker rates:
  • $300 for 45-60-minutes
  • $600 for 1.5-2 hours
  • $1200 for 3-4 hours
  • $2500 for all-day training

Fee reductions are available based on income and financial need. Call or email to discuss payment options:

(510) 214-2865