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Healthy Food Choices

Individual Therapy is a collaborative process to help you create a quality of life that is sustainably meaningful and enjoyable. Dr. Raimondo offers a holistic and mindful approach to psychotherapy, so you can move past your struggles with eating behaviors and how you see your body to live a life of liberation, empowerment, and peace.

  • Eating disorders and other eating problems
  • Body image and shame issues
  • Frequent dieting
  • Food phobias
  • Cultural identity intersections with eating issues 
  • Self-esteem issues 

With an approach that combines Health at Every Size (HAES) and social justice, Dr. Raimondo believes our communities can only thrive when we embrace the amazing diversity and experiences of all bodies.

Eating disorders, eating problems and body experience issues are all treatable. Change is as difficult as it is liberating. It is Dr. Raimondo’s goal to help you have an empowered relationship with food and your body.

Your eating issues and body experiences are holding a deep and nuanced story about you. Dr. Raimondo’s therapeutic approach will help you unravel your story to uncover the steps to take for powerful change.

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* Dr. Raimondo is currently not accepting new patients. We are putting together a waiting list, please contact me and our staff will get you on the waiting list. 

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