Some GREAT resources to surround yourself with!

Due to COVID-19, here are some online eating disorders services and support. Most are free:

Family Support – free zoom group (Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 PST) – support to families during this time of social distancing:

Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists

one-on-one video meal support and work collaboratively with teams.  Take some insurance.

@ COVID19eatingsupport on Instagram

Online meal support on Instagram :

Professionals can sign up to lead meal support via COVID19eatingsupport on Instagram

Meal support 7 days throughout the day.  HAES and social justice focus!

Tabatha Farrar offers adult meal coaching

TLC’s Free Eating Disorder Recovery Sunday Support Groups
The Lotus Collaborative is offering online versions of our free Sunday Community Support Group and Supporters Group. Please follow the links below for more information on joining our online support community.

Eating Recovery Center – Online groups:

Say It Brave is a free, inclusive community supporting mental wellness and honoring the courage it takes to own your story.


Center for Discovery groups :

  • Free Online Support Group for Loved Ones through Center for Discovery for Alumni
  • Free Online Support Group for Loved Ones through Center for Discovery
  • Free Online Binge Eating Support Group through Center for Discovery

Alsana –

Websites of Amazing Folks

Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders: T-FFED-

The Body Is Not An Apology –


Nalgona Positivity Pride-

Adios Barbie-

Thick Dumpling Skin- –

Be Nourished –

Queer Body Love-

Dances with Fat –

Jess Baker – Militant Baker –

Marilyn Wann- Fat!so?-

Ifasina (TaMeicka) Clear –

Virgie Tovar –

Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN- Food Psych Podcast –

Sand Chang, PhD –

Shilo George –

SJ Thompson –

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network –

Association of Size Diversity and Health-

Health at Every Size-

Academy of Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorders Association

Binge Eating Disorder Association –

Eating Disorders Recovery and Support –


  • A Hunger So Wide And So Deep: A Multiracial View of Women’s Eating Problems (1994) by Becky Thompson
  • Looking Queer: Body Image and Identity in Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Communities (1998) by Dawn Atkins
  • Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat (2009) by Stephanie Covington Armstrong
  • Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love and Life (2013) by Ryan Sallans
  • Through THICK and Thin and Thick Again: A Black Woman’s Journey with BED (Binge-Eating Disorder) (2016) by Nettie Reeves Lewis
  • Hunger (2017) by Roxanne Gay
  • The Body is not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love (2018) Sonya Renee Taylor
  • Binge Eating Disorder: The Journey to Recovery and Beyond (2018) by Amy Pershing with Chevese Turner
  • Fearing the Black Body- The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia (2019) by Sabrina Strings
  • Free to be Me- Self Love for all Sizes (2020) by Lesley Williams
  • Fat Girls in Black Bodies: Creating Communities of Our Own (2020) by Joy Arlene Renee Cox