I enjoy working with clinicians who are working with folks with eating disorders and body image issues.

Working  with clients with eating disorders can be complex and challenging yet rewarding. Many clinicians  discover in the process of working with their clients that their client is exhibiting eating disorders behaviors, or the client may suddenly disclose they have an eating disorder that they have never talked about.  

I provide case consultation and clinical advice to clinicians who have clients with eating disorders. I work to create a safe space to be curious and reflective as we explore  approaches in working with your client with an eating disorder from diagnosis to recovery. I build on the work you are already doing with your client. Providing treatment for eating disorders can be challenging from denial and refusing to make changes from the client perspective to identifying resources and treatment options which can be exhausting for clinicians. I work to support you in identifying these challenges and ways to navigate them.

Topics for consultation:

    • Case Consultation – Eating disorders, disordered eating behaviors and body image/experience issues
    • Diverse folks and intersections with eating disorders
    • Internalized racism and other forms of oppression and how they relate to eating disorders and body image/experience
  • Academic and professional supervision for graduate students in the mental health field

For individual consultation, I provide in-person meetings,professional consultation by Internet and telephone.  My consultation rate is $200 per hour. Standard sessions are 50 minutes, but I also offer 25-minute sessions for $100. Individual consultation can be a single session, time-limited, or longer-term.

Consultation Groups
Eating Disorder focused Consultation Group

Starting in late 2020, I will be running a consultation group for mental health professionals who would like to develop skills in working with marginalized folks with eating disorders. Many available training resources do not address marginalized folks with eating disorders. My goal in running a consultation group is to provide a safe environment to discuss how the impact of oppression and how being part of a marginalized community can have an impact on one’s eating disorder. We will also explore in a supportive manner how as clinicians, we can bring ourselves into the room to help our clients make sense of their eating disorder. Please reach out to me if you are interested in being part of this group. I plan to offer an in person group in Oakland as well as an online group.